Universal REST Connector for Camunda
Universal REST Connector for Camunda

Universal REST Connector for Camunda

Enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and drive business growth with the universal REST Connector. Designed to work across various APIs, this powerful Connector opens a world of possibilities for your process orchestration needs. Connect, interact, and sync your processes with any RESTful service swiftly and effortlessly. Experience easy configuration, robust error handling, and real-time data synchronization. Transform your data management strategy with the REST Connector.

Features and Benefits

Make GET Requests

Whether you're collecting data for analytics, fetching configuration settings, or populating your application with external data, GET requests enable you to retrieve information easily from any RESTful API.

Execute POST, PUT, PATCH Operations

Need to update a record, create a new entry, or modify configurations? The REST Connector allows you to execute POST, PUT, and PATCH operations seamlessly, making real-time data manipulation a breeze.

Handle DELETE Operations

When you need to remove records or data, you can use the DELETE operation. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios such as user account deletion, purging old records, or any other cleanup tasks.

Secure and Robust

With built-in support for authentication mechanisms such as JWT, Basic, and OAuth, the REST Connector ensures your API interactions are secure. Moreover, it is engineered for high performance and can handle a large number of simultaneous API calls without affecting system stability.


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