Text, Receive, and Manage SMS Messages Seamlessly with the Twilio Connector

Text, Receive, and Manage SMS Messages Seamlessly with the Twilio Connector

Transform your SMS communication strategy with Twilio Connector, which enables you to integrate Twilio's powerful SMS services into your business processes. This Connector provides features such as sending messages, receiving messages, listing messages, and getting a specific message, all from within a Camunda-based business process.

Features and Benefits

Send a Message

Whether you're engaging with customers for marketing promotions, providing notifications, or sending time-sensitive alerts, this feature allows you to programmatically send individual or bulk SMS messages. Create tailored campaigns and alert systems without manual intervention.

Get a Message

Suppose you're running an SMS-based survey or contest where responses need to be analyzed for specific keywords or patterns. Retrieving individual messages by their unique IDs allows for more granular data analysis, enhancing your understanding of customer preferences or feedback.

List Messages

If your organization relies on comprehensive record-keeping or data analytics to optimize SMS communication, this feature is essential. It allows you to retrieve lists of messages sent and received within a particular timeframe, thereby aiding in data analysis and reporting.


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