Manage Sharepoint documents from Camunda

Manage Sharepoint documents from Camunda

Sharepoint is a content management system that is often used as a document repository for process-based solutions. This connector allows you to manage those documents from your process.

Features and Benefits

Create Folder

Create a new folder or DriveItem in a Drive with a specified parent item or path.

List Children

Return a collection of DriveItems in the children relationship of a DriveItem. DriveItems with a non-null folder or package facet can have one or more child DriveItems.

CheckIn File

Check in a checked out driveItem resource, which makes the version of the document available to others.

CheckOut File

Check out a driveItem resource to prevent others from editing the document, and prevent your changes from being visible until the documented is checked in.

Copy File

Creates a copy of an driveItem (including any children), under a new parent item or with a new name.

Move File

Move a DriveItem to a new parent item

Update File

Update the metadata for a driveItem by ID or path.

Delete File

Delete a DriveItem by using its ID or path. Deleting items using this method moves the items to the recycle bin instead of permanently deleting the item.


Search the hierarchy of items for items matching a query. You can search within a folder hierarchy, a whole drive, or files shared with the current user.


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