By contributing to the Marketplace, the partner or independent third-party developer (“You”) is agreeing to the Camunda Marketplace’s terms.

Step 1: Set Up Your GitHub Repository

We offer two types of contributions: open-source and listing-only. For listing-only connectors, setting up a GitHub repository is unnecessary, allowing you to skip step 1.

  • •   Repository

    Create a new public GitHub repository or use an existing one that hosts your Connector's code.

  • •   README file

    Include a clear and comprehensive file detailing how to use your connector.

  • •   License file

    Add a license file to your repository. Add the following legal terms before your license terms in

    This Connector is developed by Camunda’s partners or independent third-party developers. To receive assistance or support for the Connector [Name Connector], contact [Partner Name] directly using the contact information. Camunda disclaims any support obligation for the Connector.

    By installing this connector, you consent to Camunda sharing your contact information with the developer of this connector so that you can receive more information about it directly from the developer.

    [Your license terms]

    We will review the license and contact you if there are any license incompatibilities.

  • •   Upload your code/template

    Upload the source code for a custom Connector or upload the template for a template-based Connector.

  • •   Make it public

    Ensure the repository is set to 'Public'.

Step 2: Submit Your Connector

Before filling out the subsmission form, ensure all the required files are available.

  • •  Your Information

    Provide your name, website, and email address. Your email address will only be used for communication with the Camunda Team. It will not appear in Marketplace

  • •  Connector details

    Ensure you have a title, description, GitHub repository URL, and feature list for the Connector.

  • •   Connector images

    Complete your Connector's profile with a logo and screenshots. Host your images on a website or platform that allows you to generate a downloadable URL.

  • •   Support Links

    Support page and documentation links are required. It is possible to submit additional resources such as video tutorials.

Step 3: Review By Camunda

After submitting your Connector, it will go through a review process at Camunda. During this review, we will carefully evaluate your submission to ensure that all necessary information has been provided and that it adheres to our guidelines. If your Connector meets all of our requirements, it will be approved and added to Camunda Marketplace. However, if there are any issues or additional details needed, we will contact you using the provided contact details to discuss the matter further.

Thank you for your submission, and we look forward to working with you!

Submit your Connector